What does the future of food look like?

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I came across an article that got me thinking, what is the future of food and why is it so important to the overall experience of the food industry?

Reminiscing about sunday morning cartoons as a child where I’d watch the Jetsons and their robot waiter; Rosie. Or can’t help think about the Star Trek food replicator where you order a dish from a wall and it would be made within seconds right before your eyes.

Is this becoming a reality? Keep reading to find out…

Robot Chefs:

Like Rosie, having a robot in the mix is in the works. Introducing the iTray, a service drone. First introduced at YO! Sushi in the UK. It has two cameras that can be broadcasted on an i-Pad and the frame is made of carbon-fibre with four propellers. Robot servers — not to personal but a unique experience to say the least.


Chef Watson:

Ever heard of cognitive cooking? IBM has been working on a program/app (as I understand it) to develop recipes combining culture, tastes, popular food combinations, dietary restrictions and so forth so you can develop the perfect meal all in one sitting. Chef Watson leverages its abilities by reviewing thousands of recipes of world class chefs to work it’s magic. In April of this year they have released the first ever book of cognitive cooking, as well recently moved out of beta to help home cooks develop the perfect meals.

See the video here.

Obviously technology is constantly increasing. Innovations are being made every day and people will be continuously finding ways to explore solutions to heighten the hospitality experience. Although, is technology going too far?

Whats on your plate?

This also raises questions about our physical food and what it may look like in ten, even twenty years from now. The talk of synthetic food (meat particularly) has been a big debate in reaction to the depleting resources and environmental destruction from the production of meat and not to mention the moral aspects of it — I can probably write out a bible on the topic if I tried.


The concept of in-vetro meat has been around since the 70’s, and is becoming a huge area of study since NASA became an advocate of the topic in 2000. Synthetic Meat (a.k.a. Shmeat) has a high cost which currently limits it’s ability to become a mainstream commodity. Although I do bite my tonge as it may become a standard sooner than later.

Would you be ok with eating a cow, fish or chicken made in a lab? Again many questions have come from this. Particularly; is it safe or even moral? Just think about it.

Food replicator:

Might I remind you of the Star Trek food replicator I mentioned earlier. You thought it was just a fictional concept did you? Well 3D printing is becoming a huge advancement in the food industry which may be a huge contributor in Nestle’s project called ‘Iron Man’. Ultimately a machine that has a dietary analysis program and develops a meal based off of the data. Although the technology is strides away from becoming a food replicator, Nestle will continue to make advances in this direction. Read more about the 3D Nestle Project.



Hospitality is about the human touch, interactions and the personalization in producing a dish while serving delicious food, although how will we be able to keep this alive while integrating new technological advances. It will be inevitable to apply new discoveries of the digital age, but to what extent?


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