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My little sorry. A few years ago I graduated from a graphic design and advertising program. I spent the summer doing an internship in New York to find myself back at school the next year doing a prepress course.  I felt somewhat confident when graduating. I had two offers to positions in which I both turned down to travel Europe that summer. It gave me perspective and not only that, gave me a different view on life.

I went alone to Europe — soon to realize the difference in culture, and came to the realization it was how I wanted to live my life. In Europe I found they took time to enjoy their food. The air is filled with wine grapes and country air (minus some cities of course). They laughed and took pleasure in the simple things. A hand shake meant so much. It was a lifestyle I couldn’t let go of.

I came back to realize the contrast in culture and how things worked in North America in general. It was different. Although living in Toronto my whole life I never knew. Their food was so simple yet tasted so fresh, the people stopped to talk to you and were generally interested in your well being, even to just say ‘hi’. The air was so clean mainly in the southern parts of France. Their architecture had such detail and you could only imagine what it took to build hundreds of years ago.

Europe changed me for the better. It made me appreciate things, it made me look at things in a different light. I now see the small things I never really thought to take a glimpse at.

The following years I went on to work for large corporations, but always felt unsatisfied with where I was. Cubicles and office drama. I wanted to feel happiness like I did that summer of 2005. Finally realizing I had a different beat to my drum. I couldn’t be fully satisfied unless I lead my own band. So I started Avid Creative.

It is still young and I am still in my starting stages of Avid Creative. But that particular creative feeling is invaluable and I hope to spread the liveliness and enthusiasm I felt when I was in Europe into my work.

It is all about the experience. It is fulfillment, joy and my muse. It is how life should be lived. Maybe a little dramatic but it’s worth trying to spread this feeling and hope to inspire others along the way.

So through this experience and path taken to becoming a freelancer — I hope that everyone thinking of going into freelance or just starting out as a graphic designer, can take their experiences and make them part of what you do.

Lastly, never give up the opportunity to travel. It will give insight on different things and make your view a little broader every time you do. Since then I have gone many places like Hawaii, Chicago, Mexico and hope to travel much more. Culture is unique to every city and continent — so spread your wings, it’s the easiest way to become more creative.




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