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How to Achieve sustainable restaurant design

How to Achieve Sustainable Restaurant Design

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Most of the time when the words ‘food’ and ‘sustainability’ is put together we automatically think about the food we are eating, which is a topic in itself and is something we should all be familiar with as the market gets diluted with mass production and profit focused sales.

Although I am taking it one step further by digging a little deeper and covering the sustainability of a restaurants printed material and environmental design. In my opinion, if a restaurant claims to be ‘sustainable’ it should try to focus on various forms of sustainability — in all areas of the restaurant, not just the food.

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Understanding Colour Psychology for Restaurants & Brands

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Even in the food industry, colour has a huge role in visual perception, emotion and human behaviour. I am so fascinated by this topic because it is interesting to understand our subconscious and how we react by the colours we see. Most people, including myself are unaware of how much a colour or ‘chromatics’ can influence reaction and triggers our appetites.

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How to Brand Restaurant

How to Brand a Restaurant

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I have mentioned it before — a brand is not something you can produce yourself but you can set the tone and give guidance to establish your brand leading it in the right direction.

Your brand is generally established by your audience. Your customers will determine the brand, but again you can only guide how you want to be perceived in the public eye.

So how do you establish your brand? The following three steps will help you plan your brand presence.

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