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Every year I try to think of a side project or something I can do in my extra time (if there is any) that will expand my knowledge and make me a bigger nerd of design than I already am.

Last year, Manulife produced a campaign to get local agencies involved in their major reno at Bay and Boor — The campaign was hash tagged; #AmpersandCity and in reaction to their campaign I photographed a ampersand of fruit. I honestly think they were trying to get local agencies involved to submit ampersands of different styles and themes. My ampersand was based on family and given this was the fruit I was taking to my in-laws for a dinner that Sunday evening. As noted in their press release; during their construction they wanted to ‘include an art component and asked artists and designers to show what makes their Toronto better, using the Manulife Centre ampersand as inspiration’. After submitting my fruit ampersand they contacted me with the intent of being a part of this, although sadly, I think they may have not had enough contributors so the project fell through — even though I thought it was a spectacular idea! Once I found out this fell through, I politely asked if I could do a spin off project of my own. They gave me their blessing; and so, Edible Ampersand was born.

I really hope to bring some inspiring posts with this as my husband has already made a camera track so I can produce overhead stop-motion and time-lapse videos. I am super excited to make this happen. As well, I am hoping to produce custom molds for food from food-safe silicone along with a few other ideas in the works!

There really is a little ball of inspiration ready to explode in this project as it combines two things I love — food and type, giving so many variations and possibilities. A spin off from what could have been an ad at Bay and Bloor became a little crazy project of a freelancer with edible typography.

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