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Wedding Program/Brochure

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Taking pride in the personalized aspect of this brochure, most efforts went into creating a fun playful copy for the guests to read while waiting for the bride to arrive. With a pleasant design to look at, the brochure had an equal balance of cheekiness and informative content, with a touch of classy appeal, not to mention there was a Sudoku puzzle if guests got super bored.

Menu Design for Thirsty Penguin

Menu for Canlan’s – Thirsty Penguin

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This Menu was created for Canlan’s Thirty Penguin. There were multiple versions of the menu for the various locations across Canada and US facilities which included price and food variations. There were 7 english menus, a french version for their Quebec location, as well as various breakfast and kids menus all designed and applied with menu engineering. The menu also required food photography in which was done specifically on location at the York facility.

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