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Stag & Doe Invitation

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Created for a friend of mine, this stag and doe invite was fun, with freedom in creativity. I was inspired from a set of cuffs that were in gold and decided to have a similar image on the card face. Since the theme was tropical I have the stag and doe dressed with lei’s. Simple, and effective.

Infographic for Mucho Burrito

Mucho Burrito Infographics – Cinco De Mayo

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Created for my client was a series of infographics specific to the Cinco De Mayo 2013 Mucho Burrito Promo. The info graphics were shown across multiple Digital Media Platforms mainly focusing on Facebook and Pinterest. The project objective was to increase and engage customers with the Mucho Burrito Brand, and was very successful doing so.

Wedding Invite

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This invitation was based on our initials A & F which went with the theme ‘Always & Forever’. The never ending invite was the perfect idea, although the project was very ambitious and production took a little more time and effort than expected.

The challenge I faced was finding a printer to be within budget while being able to print letterpress and scores, not to mention assembling them. Additionally there was the task of trying to find the right stock that wouldn’t transfer to the opposite side while keeping the stock thin enough to fold properly. We definitely managed to accomplish the right balance.

The project was completed just in time and managed to stay within budget by assembling them piece by piece with the help of family.

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