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Design for Food & Drink infographic

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A personal project I took on to get an understanding of the trends happening in the food industry. Based on 127 responses, showing some really great results and getting an understanding that design is a leading factor in bringing in profits for a restaurant.

YGDA – Logo Candidates

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These are the four potential candidate logos for the new YMCA · YGDA Website. Not to sway the votes at all but my favourite is the first version showing ‘YMCA Connected’. Personally, I feel it not only symbolizes what the organization is trying to achieve but represents a youthful composition while stating the organization — YMCA and it’s objectives. The word ‘connected’ represents the digital side of YMCA on a global scale.

The objective of the project was to create four logos and have the audience choose which one they like most. An interactive way of getting the participants, users, and future ambassadors involved. Please vote for your favourite logo here:

The vision of YMCA · YGDA is to become the world’s #1 digital not-for-profit by 2016. Read more at

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