Launching: The Menu Design Beta Program

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Would you like someone to design your menu using the marketing tactics of menu engineering?

Do you want your menu to be profitable and an effective marketing tool that works for you?

Are you opening a new restaurant and need a specialized designer to help your creative dreams come true?

For the past year I have studied the art and science of Menu Engineering and with a design background, it is my mission to help restaurant owners to not only make their menu a beautiful piece of work but to apply tactics used to engineer your menu so you make money with your most important marketing tool: your menu.

Menu Engineering & the Beta Program:

If you are not familiar with menu engineering it is a process that involves analyzing your food costs, menu pricing and contribution margins. Menu engineering is also about developing the scheme of your menu using common design techniques while having an understanding of human behavior, reading habits and effective menu psychology. If your still a bit fuzzy on the process read my post I did on it here – with a more in depth approach.

The first objective is to establish what your most profitable and popular items are by analyzing your sales over a certain time period. We then categorize each menu item based on what you want to sell more of against items that are not as profitable and popular among your consumers. With all of this information, research and expertise, your menu will be designed with your brand in mind while prominently showcasing the items that are prone to profit.

Once you approve the design, Avid Creative will print out a test set and put the menu into play and start to see your menu work for you. Once the menu engineering process is complete, we can further discuss print options and the best possible paper or print techniques that are suitable for your establishment.

Note: this beta program only involves one run-through of this process and does not cover printing costs.

Why call it a Beta Program?

Menu engineering is a detailed process and when you develop a menu it can be crucial to base your prices and menu layout around a strategy. It has been proven, if done properly, that menu engineering can increase sales by 15 to 20 percent of a restaurant’s profit margins.

Ashley Howell is a seasoned graphic designer and has been passionately researching and perfecting the process and advancement of menu engineering. She decided to branch out into menu design because she recognized a growing trend for menu branding based on consumer demographics and ensures her projects are made with profit-driven tactics with proven success. With this test program your business will benefit by having a personalized experience unique to your restaurant and you will be provided with knowledgeable information to ensure your menu is designed with the best menu engineering strategies.

If you would like to know more download the information document here: MenuBetaProgram

This program is ideal for independant restaurant owners or chefs/people looking to open a restaurant.

Please contact Ashley Howell today if you would like more information: / 416.529.6713 /

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