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When your just starting out, it may be a little tough getting clients running to your door. One helpful resource is to be established with creative head hunters. They will get you in touch with larger clients which in-turn can become contacts and references down the road. Not to mention you can build really great portfolio pieces and experience.

The list below is a little more specific to Canada, and some are established internationally as well. This all depends on what you are looking for.

Keep in mind that every Creative staffing company has something great to offer, and being a part of their roster can generally be priceless.

When you are setting yourself up with any head hunter, you should always be aware of the following:

1. Understand, you are there to make money, and satisfy clients needs but they have to make money as well. Having a realistic approach is always key. Be reasonable about your pricing. When you go in to an initial meeting and they ask how much you expect to be payed — do not tell them 200/hr. if they haven’t even heard of you and you have no credits to your name — be reasonable. If you do not know what to charge, I will be writing a post on pricing a little later on with some great resources. For the time being there is a great hourly rate calculator on MOTIV.

2. Figure out your Niche. This will not only set you apart from the rest but make you invaluable to potential clients. When you know a whole lot on one topic (that you no doubt enjoy), your making yourself stand out more, not only in the industry but to clients. There for sure will be opportunities outside of your ‘niche’ sector but you never know they might have come to you by being really great a particular task.

3. Do not look at the initial meeting as an interview. I generally go in to a meeting with no expectations and if something does come of it, I am pleasantly surprised. I’m not saying to not be confident, but the competition is very high now a days so just go in like your meeting someone for coffee. They want to know you and what your about. If you match up with one of their clients — it is always a bonus.

Rememeber when you sign contracts with any of these places be sure that non of the stipulations and agreements you put your signature to clash in any way or conflict. If you are unsure of anything always ask, as they are there to help you out.


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