Appealing Bottle and Label Print Options

Appealing Bottle & Label Print Options

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In the print world there is a over abundance of going digital which of course has it’s benefits. Digital print is low in cost, versatile and generally pretty accurate. But if you are going to level up to some of the big shot bottles on the shelf today, you may want to consider more than just a digitally printed label — as mentioned in my previous post: 2 out of 3 consumers buy based on a label. So what does your label say about your brand and how do you measure up to the competition?

The big overall idea of a label is defining a perceived value. Yes this can be complex when you start to get into first impressions and understanding your ideal target market. But when it is done well — there is a major impact to be made.

Of course meeting the high demands of todays consumer may be tricky. So I have brought together a diverse list of new innovations and old-school print methods used in packaging to sparkle your fancy and mine too!

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What’s in a label?

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This post was mainly inspired by one statistic that blew my mind: 2 out of 3 consumers will buy a bottle of wine based solely on the label, according to the 2014 Galloconsumer wine trends survey. I won’t personally back it up because I generally go to my good ol’ favourite ‘Relax‘ a German Reisling that is sweet yet refreshing. I don’t buy it on the label, but rather I may buy it on the name because I associate it with my action when drinking the wine. But how much does a wine label really matter?

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