The story of Avid Creative

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My little sorry. A few years ago I graduated from a graphic design and advertising program. I spent the summer doing an internship in New York to find myself back at school the next year doing a prepress course.  I felt somewhat confident when graduating. I had two offers to positions in which I both turned down to travel Europe that summer. It gave me perspective and not only that, gave me a different view on life.

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Fuck Ford. Vote.

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Fuck Ford Vote


With spring on the horizon, and new adventures are in the making, I thought I would have a little fun in being rebellious with this poster. I was inspired by Tibor Kalman’s — Fuck Bush Poster.

I feel this is fitting although on a smaller scale of course — the reputation of Toronto has withered away since the crack jokes and sloppy mayor videos have been internationally publicized. And with upcoming election in October, voting just doesn’t seem to be enough.


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