Book Review: Brainfluence

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Book review: Brainfluence

In this book Brainfluence — 100 ways to persuade and convince consumers with neuromarketing; I found a lot of hidden gem-tips in how to market, giving great advice for anyone interested in the psychology of marketing. I won’t give away too much in this post, but I have to say this book first off brought together some of the great stuff I have read in the past as well as some great new content proving how neuroscience is progressing — fast.Yes I loved reading it and although it took a few weeks for me to get through, I sat up some nights reading pages on end because it gave content you can absorb easily given the sleek way it was written with quick chapters and extremely useful tips to market to the minds of your clientele.

With its quick read chapters, it lets you fully absorb the points being made; which points you may ask? From the influence of the sciences: pictures, scents and even touch all the way to branding and case studies. This book seems to cover it all.

I also particularly liked the references as they are all listed at the back given you may avenues to pick out your next book.

Speaking to a specific gender audience? Have a strict budget, working for a non-profit? Even tackling ways to speak to your viewer can majorly influence the success rate of your campaign and branding efforts.

I specifically enjoyed the chapter on price structuring and setting price values as they can effect profits and how you can even steer away customers if your product or service is not priced strategically.

A definite read and I would recommend to anyone in marketing, design or even food — as they seem to cover a whole ton on marketing in the food industry.

Neuromarketing is the way of the future as it particularly shows how we react how we behave and essentially how any marketing efforts can influence buyers and engagers in any given setting.

Kudos Roger Dooley.

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