I produce graphic design for my clients with a simple and custom approach. One size does not fit all, this is why I present applicable options and research driven design. For my F&B clients, I offer menu psychology, branding and various design solutions— tackling each project with my clients objectives clear. My goal is to make your creative dreams a reality.

The Design Process




This is the most obvious of the three — my love for good design.

My story about design started when I was about 11 years old. My mother would take me to a cottage every summer, just the two of us. This particular year we had a cottage just outside of Midland and one of the days we went into town to walk the small strip of craft stores and antique shops. One of the shops in particular that we walked into had a stack of magazines. At the time I had a fascination with magazines and to be honest I still do but particularly these magazines. I started going through the pages and realized I had to have them. It was a pile of Step-by-Step Graphics – not sure if your familiar with them but it was a how-to guide for graphic artists along side some D.I.Y. info, kind of a cross between Martha Stewart and Layers magazine.

I was in love.

I ran to my mom asking if she could buy then for me and so we lugged back the whole pile. They were my bread and butter the following weeks as I read them back to back. It was what I wanted to be when I grew up. At the time it was called a ‘graphic artist’. Whatever it was called I wanted to do that. A few years later I had to decide what high school to go to and of course I picked the one with the biggest art program in my area. Non of my friends were going there but I went regardless. There I learned photography from a dark room, draw live nude models and print techniques like silk screen, lithography, block printing and etching. I have to say some of the best years of my life and I actually lived out what I read those few years earlier. 



My personal story with food began in my last year of college, I was offered a few jobs out of school but decided to follow my dream of backpacking across Europe… alone. To give you an idea of when this happened I landed in London and no more than a week later there were attacks in the underground and in busses across the city. It was an eye-opener — a realization that life was short.

It also opened my heart to find simple joys in life. My second stop was Paris, France. Spending two weeks with my uncle who would go to the market every morning to buy fresh produce and bread. The food was a little piece of heaven.

I passed through Italy, crossed the canal and ended up in Greece where I met up with a friend. We rented a car and went from the northern part of Greece to the most southern tip. There were no hotels in sight. We realized the car was the best place to sleep until we met a few locals that invited us to a ‘party’.

It was a room filled with a maximum of 20 people. We sat down to eat and as I looked around the room I realized we were part of a very intimate wedding. Before us was an authentic home-made meal. We were a part of some ones special day and they invited us to be a part of it. Mind you I didn’t speak a word of Greek, but the feeling of love was overwhelming.

Many plates broke that night.

Not only did this change my perception of food but made me realize I wanted this feeling to be a huge part of my life. That evening changed me. And so, this story has been imbedded into my business plan as well as a rooting point of my passion — combining food and design.



In between both my design and food story, my mom got me a book solely on the name. The book was called ‘Blink‘ and the reason why she got it for me was because as a child my nickname was blink because I was an odd child and it was my way of acknowledging people — by blinking.

I read the book with no knowledge of the contents. But once I started, I couldn’t put it down. It was written by a famous Canadian writer for The New Yorker named Malcolm Gladwell. You may have heard of him.

The book discussed the effects of our instinct, behaviours and first impressions we make within seconds based on our preconditions of our subconscious mind. With some really great examples.

I was hooked.

I ran out and bought all of Malcolm Gladwell’s books and read them all. Including ‘What the Dog Saw’, ‘Outliers’ and his bestseller and my second favourite book of his: ‘The Tipping Point’. Reading them all as quickly as I read the first.

Soon I realized my urge to know more about the subconscious mind and how powerful it really can be — in turn it’s impact on our daily lives.

This became a landmark in discovering what I was fascinated with and soon I was trying to apply this to my work.

When I started my business full-time I discovered a few things…

Working as a sole proprietor has allowed me to combine my three passions; Love for food, love for good design, and working independently to indulge in what I love. This, I feel, is important to make great projects come to life.

I have also developed an increasing concern of our social food crisis on a global scale. Topics of food consumption and sustainability and how it will undoubtedly affect lives in the years to come. I hope to take part in some larger food projects that can help and sustain our planet, making a positive impact globally.

With this, the back bones of Avid Creative have developed. Being in food & design inspires me and keeps me driven. Helping my clients expand their creative horizons with hope to make their creative dreams a reality! In the words of Julia Child;

Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.