2015 February

How to Achieve sustainable restaurant design

How to Achieve Sustainable Restaurant Design

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Most of the time when the words ‘food’ and ‘sustainability’ is put together we automatically think about the food we are eating, which is a topic in itself and is something we should all be familiar with as the market gets diluted with mass production and profit focused sales.

Although I am taking it one step further by digging a little deeper and covering the sustainability of a restaurants printed material and environmental design. In my opinion, if a restaurant claims to be ‘sustainable’ it should try to focus on various forms of sustainability — in all areas of the restaurant, not just the food.

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15 Beautiful F&B Websites

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Having a good website for your restaurant is more important now than ever. 80 percent of your clientele and customers will look for your menu online before even stopping foot into your restaurant so having a website that is informative and functional can potentially determine your restaurants success. (res.) Where good design and functionality is at the forefront.

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