2014 September

Freelancer Battle: What do I charge?

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This is always a tricky little task to conquer as a freelancer. ‘How much do I charge?’ It’s the golden question, really. When I started freelancing I found it hard to understand the ins and outs of it and really who wants to pay eighty dollars an hour for someone they haven’t even heard of.

So there is three things I will suggest and this is only based on the past years experience. But I think I have figured out some sort of system to this great abyss of pricing.

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Finding freelance work through Head Hunters

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When your just starting out, it may be a little tough getting clients running to your door. One helpful resource is to be established with creative head hunters. They will get you in touch with larger clients which in-turn can become contacts and references down the road. Not to mention you can build really great portfolio pieces and experience.

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The story of Avid Creative

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My little sorry. A few years ago I graduated from a graphic design and advertising program. I spent the summer doing an internship in New York to find myself back at school the next year doing a prepress course.  I felt somewhat confident when graduating. I had two offers to positions in which I both turned down to travel Europe that summer. It gave me perspective and not only that, gave me a different view on life.

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