2014 April

NO SPEC WORK! Optional Alternatives

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My Brief Beef

It’s been said time and time again in the design industry that Spec Work should be illegal. What is Spec Work? Offering your services/designs/creative abilities for free with little or nothing in return. Back when I was in college — years ago — I was told never to do work for free, never take out the trash before your paid, always work diligently with a contract and make sure there is mutual respect between the client and the designer.

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Fuck Ford. Vote.

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Fuck Ford Vote


With spring on the horizon, and new adventures are in the making, I thought I would have a little fun in being rebellious with this poster. I was inspired by Tibor Kalman’s — Fuck Bush Poster.

I feel this is fitting although on a smaller scale of course — the reputation of Toronto has withered away since the crack jokes and sloppy mayor videos have been internationally publicized. And with upcoming election in October, voting just doesn’t seem to be enough.


Trends: Flat Design vs. skeuomorphism vs. handmade?

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Keeping up to date with trends is such an important part of being a successful freelance designer. So, my current battle is the trend of flat design. Which don’t get me wrong I absolutely love clean lines and the crisp colour of flat design. But are we really done with glamification also known as skeuomorphism, or is it just in hiding? I really do agree that there is an equal medium of the two, which I predict will be the next big thing — trying to keep a flat design approach but make it interesting with slight skeuomorphic elements (something I’ve been testing out). And let’s not forget the trend (although not sure if it is a trend per-say because it’s been around for a while) in handmade graphics. So here is a little brief on these three great approaches to design execution and see if we can really predict the next great trend.

Lets start off with a little definition of the three items:


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