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How to define your Freelance Design Business in 3 simple steps.

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As of February 2014, I decided to leave my job and take on full time freelance. As graphic designer for the past 8 years, working for various companies while doing freelance on the side, I felt this was the perfect time to branch out on my own and follow my dream of working for myself. When faced with the opportunity I knew this would be the best way to learn a whole lot more about the process of design, business, and really embrace my passion. Not to leave out that I have heard freelance is probably one of the most gratifying career moves, and having thick skin is an asset. So first things first, I had to define myself, oh no!

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Past Posts · The Blogger Blog

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Thoughts On Design BlogBlogging is a great way to earn some readers and maybe potential customers and clients. I had a blog in the past so it is not exactly foreign to me.

Some great facts about blogs is that it can increase marketing for your business, informs customers of great ideas and information that they can share with others; as well, not to mention its a great learning tool for anyone interested in your niche category or subject that you cover.  If you are interested to check out my previous blog please click here. This included design inspiration and reviews of design work.

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