The Avid Creative Manifesto

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Avid Creative Manifesto

With my brand having an overhaul (you can see the full brand revision here), and development still in the works. I decided to integrate my business plan objectives and a little bit of inspirational content into a manifesto.

Given my company is a studio and it is just me; I needed something that I could read that will drive me to do better work and essentially help others to achieve their dreams. A manifesto has become more so popular with companies so they have a reference to what they want to achieve (that’s not a fifty page guide).

It is like combining a vision/mission statement and the dry stuff you put into a business plan, but wording it in a way that is inspiring to either your staff, you; or the general public. For me I think it’s a stimulating bit that will bluntly state your aims for what you want in the long run in a little brief paragraph.

Hope you like it:


The Avid Creative Manifesto

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