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12 Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

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Do you use Guerrilla Marketing to promote your restaurant? It’s an effective way to gain exposure and give an advantage to small business owners with tight marketing budgets. It just takes some creativity to form unconventional and low-cost marketing aimed at obtaining maximum exposure — online and off. Read More

Book review: Brainfluence

Book Review: Brainfluence

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In this book Brainfluence — 100 ways to persuade and convince consumers with neuromarketing; I found a lot of hidden gem-tips in how to market, giving great advice for anyone interested in the psychology of marketing. I won’t give away too much in this post, but I have to say this book first off brought together some of the great stuff I have read in the past as well as some great new content proving how neuroscience is progressing — fast. Read More

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