First Year Freelancing Lessons

6 Lessons from my First Year Freelancing

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Today marks the first year of Avid Creative – Whoo Hoo! Also the one year anniversary of my going full-time freelance, aka the birth of Avid Creative. What a year! Let me tell you.

It is always a little tough making that first jump — that may be an understatement to some, it can be daunting really. You may have a full time job, you do not feel satisfied with where you are what your doing or just really have an entrepreneurial itch. That was definitely my case!

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Freelancer Battle: What do I charge?

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This is always a tricky little task to conquer as a freelancer. ‘How much do I charge?’ It’s the golden question, really. When I started freelancing I found it hard to understand the ins and outs of it and really who wants to pay eighty dollars an hour for someone they haven’t even heard of.

So there is three things I will suggest and this is only based on the past years experience. But I think I have figured out some sort of system to this great abyss of pricing.

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