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Beautiful Beer Package Design

11 Beautiful Beer Package Designs

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Since we are in the midst of Oktoberfest and September 28th being ‘National Drink Beer Day’, I thought it would be suitable to have a little list of some exceptionally crafted beer packaging and labels. These companies whether big or small, take pride in producing not only a delicious product but meticulously design their brand with well-crafted packages and labels.

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Book review: Brainfluence

Book Review: Brainfluence

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In this book Brainfluence — 100 ways to persuade and convince consumers with neuromarketing; I found a lot of hidden gem-tips in how to market, giving great advice for anyone interested in the psychology of marketing. I won’t give away too much in this post, but I have to say this book first off brought together some of the great stuff I have read in the past as well as some great new content proving how neuroscience is progressing — fast. Read More

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