My Story

Avid Creative is my business that offers freelance graphic design services in and out of the Toronto/GTA area. Generally, I work remotely for various food-based companies from my home-studio or I travel out to help out local companies, firms and studios when they are either short staffed or need additional short-term staff.

Since I was a child I knew I wanted a career in the creative field. Being all of ten, I began ripping up old magazines to make collages, then I moved to drawing, then painting, until I found a love in print media. Anything embossed, debossed, foil stamped, letterpressed, die-cut, odd folds. I also used to collect old design magazines including my first stash of Step by Step graphics (some from the early 80’s). I read these magazines back to back, reading about how things were made and realizing there was no limit to making any project a success.

As I grew older, I also fancies the thought of starting my own business. With this dream, it took some time to find and discover how I stood out. I have a background in print & production and I also love working with like-minded creative people — that was a start. But it was not until I was given a menu design project that sparked my love for the food industry — this slowly became my specialty.

I did send the first 10 years of my career working in the sports industry. But then in 2014, I branched out and began freelancing full-time establishing my niche in food & beverage. My client list has grown to include companies like; Yummy Market, The Julia Child Foundation, Restaurants Canada, Mucho Burrito, Crolla’s, Belmont Meats, Sugar Suite Cakes as well as smaller startups. This experience has given me a well-rounded knowledge in both print and on-line media marketing.

In 2016, it was an honour to win freelancer of the year by Freelancers Unite Awards Est. by CO-OP. This has opened my eyes to the importance of freelancers in any industry and helped me continually pursue what I love doing.

Thanks for visiting my site, as it’s all about sharing my passion and knowledge with you in my blog or you can also find me on other social networks like TwitterLinkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and my Facebook Fan Page. Lastly, all my most recent work it is usually posted first on my Behance page. Please check it out.

Thanks for reading!