My Story

Avid Creative is a studio out of my home where I offer freelance graphic design services.

Since I was a child I knew I wanted a career in the creative field. Being all of ten, I began ripping up old magazines to make collages, then I moved to drawing, then painting, until I found a love in print media. Anything embossed, debossed, foil stamped, letterpressed, die-cut, odd folds. I also used to collect old design magazines including my first stash of Step by Step graphics (some from the early 80’s).


I read these magazines back to back, reading about how things were made and realizing technology was no limit to making any project a success.

I also knew at an early age that I wanted to start my own business. With this dream, it took me a while to discover how I stood out. Having a background in print/production / an artistic background and loved working with like-minded creative people — that was a start. But it was not until I was given a menu design project that sparked my love for the food industry — this slowly became my specialty.


These are the roots of Avid Creative. If you want to read the stories behind Avid Creative. Please visit the about page — here.

This site is all about sharing my passion and knowledge with you, please have a look around, including my blog for some inspiration and informational content. You can also find me on social networks: Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and my Facebook Fan Page.

Thanks for reading!