35 Beautiful Tea Package Designs

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In celebration of international tea day (December 15th) I put together a list of extraordinary tea package designs, just for you!

According to Wikipedia; ‘International Tea Day aims to draw global attention of governments and citizens to the impact of the global tea trade on workers and growers, and has been linked to requests for price supports and fair trade.’

On a lighter note; the weather is getting chillier and tis’ the season to brew up your loose leaf, bag in or out, chai, green, white or one of the thousands of variations of teas. So snuggle up by the fire and enjoy!

1. A wisp of Tea — Designed by: Shaobin Lin

A Wisp of Tea

2. Ambessa — Designed by: Louise Fili


3. Artea — Concept Designed by: Masha Ponomareva


4. Astrobright tea — Designed by: Ken Lo Director of Blow


5. Bolu Tea — Designed by: Curious Design


6. Bonnard Tea — Designed by: Anagrama


7. Chesters Best — Concept Designed by: Samantha Hartman


8. Christmas tea — Concept Designed by: Mint



9.  Dovely — Designed by: Its Dovely

Handcrafted letterpress packaging makes this beautiful tea worth the higher price point! Watch the video to see the process in making the design!

Dovely Tea


10. Emporio — Designed by: Inject Design


11. Friggs Eco Tea — Designed by: No Picnic & Nine



12. Green Berry Tea — Concept Designed by: Natalia Ponomareva

Like Dovely (No. 9) this has the same origami tea bag, but which came fist, who knows. So I thought it was only fair to have both in the mix. Very creative!


13. Green Life — Designed by: Filip Namet


14. Gryphon Tea Company – Wedding tea — Designed by: Suzan


15. Herbal Tea Set — Designed by: Hyeryun Nam

Herbal Tea Set

16. Joseph Wesley Black Tea — Designed by: Foundry Co.


17. KY TEA — Designed by: Partisan Du Sens

K&Y Tea


18. Mallard — Designed by: Sarah Walsh

Mallard Tea

19. Mamalan — Designed by: Midday



20. Meditation — Designed by: Charlotte Xu


21. Normann — Designed by: Normann Copenhaghen


22. Pali — Designed by: Nguyen The Bao


23. Ritual — Designed by: Ani Bijoyan

Ritual Tea

24. Senba — Designed by: Seita Goto

Senba Tea

25. Sloane — Designed by: Chad Roberts

Sloane Tea

26. Still Water — Designed by: The Watsons

Stillwater Tea


27. Suchef — Designed by: Design Activity


28. T2 Christmas Tea — Designed by: Christopher Stanko Via T2 In-house team

T2 Christmas tea

29. Tea-A-Day Calendar — Designed by:  Hälssen & Lyon

Tea Calendar

30. Tea Circus — Designed by: Sam Covington

Tea Circus


31. TeaPee — Designed by: Sophie Pepin

32. The Brew Tea Co. — Designed by: Interabang

33. The Jasmine Pearl — Designed by: Relevant Studios

34. Voodoo Tea — Concept Designed by:

Anne-Marie Leger


35. Zodiac Tea — Designed by: Danielle Kroll

Zodiac Tea

BONUS! DETOX to RETOX — Designed by: laconceptualist

Detox to Retox

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Cheers, Ashley Howell

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