3 Quick Unconventional Restaurant Marketing Tips

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Unconventional Restaurant Marketing Tips

Three quick points on how to market in the ever changing world or restaurants.

The restaurant industry is changing, it has been for years. Long gone are the days where getting a newspaper ad was your hope at making it big to get customers to see you, let alone remember you. There are new advancements in technology, in food evolution as well the restaurant scene just added fast casual to the lineup of restaurant models a few years back. So how do we market in this ever changing scene? Keep reading for 3 basic tips to what will make you thrive in this ever changing industry.

Tell your story! People resonate with brands and what they stand for not just their aesthetic but customers hear more now they want to know more. The ‘why’ behind a company. Stories of failure and reinvention and perseverance generally become the most powerful and memorable among people.

Socialize. Yes of course this means become active on social media, but it also means find your customers and talk one on one with them. Whether online, but off line as well. Look at A&W and their campaign about ‘better beef’ as Allen Lulu goes around talking about non-hormonal beef. This although has brought in some uproar from farmers and ranchers, the campaign has still in the eyes of A&W been a success and brought up sales ten fold.

Find what makes you different. This is more from my own perspective, but a lot of the times, at least more than not people base their choices off of examples and what has been done in the past. Mainly for the reason that we know it works. Although one of the best ways to market is by making your own choices and making new ones that may not have been done before — take risks! Of course be sure to make good marketing choices that are not only in good taste but you feel would be suitable for your clientele, and above all, make them about your brand and what you stand for. Try not to base anything on a template that; dare I say, McDonald’s produced?

I am in the midst of reading Purple Cow by Seth Godin; and he makes some really great points about modern marketing which can be applied to any industry of marketing if you ask me. That said, this post was probably inspired by his words. If you have a chance pick up the book I highly suggest reading it. Even more so if you are in am marketing rut!


Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Cheers, Ashley Howell
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