200 + reasons why the RC Show is Soooooo Amazing!

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RC Show

Ok, I am not listing 200 reasons but overall it was mind-blowing compared to other years (in my humble, mind-blowing opinion).

This being he third year I have attended I got the full experience. I met Jon Taffer who put on an amazing talk that not only targeted restaurant and bar owners his talk really became an inspirational lesson in public speaking. What you see in his tv shows comes out full force. His audience interaction is like nothing I’ve ever seen and he yells it how it is (not says). Making a huge impression on anyone even if your in the back row (which I was). His presence is spectacular and to share what I took from his talk; NO EXCUSES! Even when it comes to the hike on minimum wage – something I have heard clients mention time and time again. But all said and done this little bit of advice applies to everyone which makes such an impact. I could see him speak ten time over, if I could.

I circled the RC Show floor about twice and both times I found something new. The variety of vendors was amazing. The show has grown three times from the three years I’ve seen it. If you need a vendor they are there; packaging, appliances to your latest products. It’s there.
I think one of the greatest values of the show is the talks and info-sessions, talks and presentations they have through the day. I only saw three stages (although there were definitely more) along with private sessions in the back rooms. They covered topics from technology in hospitality to the bartending scene to bar and coffee competitions! Covering topics from the minimum wage hike to Food insecurity to Social media. I personally enjoyed watching the  ‘Coffee In Good Spirits Competition & 2018 Latte Art Nationals’, myself. There was three images they had to produce and they looked like they were judged on various factors. Regardless, it was a fantastic display of what craftsmanship and skill can accomplish in the food industry.
And lastly; speaking with the variety of vendors! They were all great and love the how much energy was in the room. One that particularly stood out; I experienced a virtual reality farm put on at the Cargill booth. They little took you onto the farm to see the cattle by placing a headset and VR headset with a 360° view of what the cattle experience with integrated facts and a story to follow. How great is that!
That all said there was an after party, wholly molly I love it.
As Restaurants Canada claims;

INNOVATION UNLEASHED; The RC show is Canada’s Largest Foodservice trade event of the year.

And undoubtedly it is. With 1000+ Exhibits & 8 Themed Pavilions, I can not imagine what I missed given I felt like my eyes were tooth-picked open for the few hours I was there. It really is and worth experiencing what they have to offer, I only wish I could attend the full 3 days.
Looking forward to next years – Thanks Restaurants Canada!
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