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Having a good website for your restaurant is more important now than ever. 80 percent of your clientele and customers will look for your menu online before even stopping foot into your restaurant so having a website that is informative and functional can potentially determine your restaurants success. (res.) Where good design and functionality is at the forefront.

In no particular order, I have made a list of some of my favourite websites that are not only beautiful but serve the purpose for their customers to learn more about their restaurant/service. Click the image to be brought to the site mentioned.

Jamie Oliver’s FIFTEEN
This one is a beaut, and not only because it is Jamie Oliver, I swear! With big beautiful photography and strait forward navigation. The colours work so perfectly. The typography is elegantly placed and very legible, while the site screams authentic.

Jamie Oliver's Fifteen

A simple and beautiful website. With focused photography making the art of food the main attraction.

Iggy's Website

Italio Kitchen
This site just says fresh to me. The colours are great with its bold pops of red and vibrant green. The wood and marble background says authentic and clean. Plus the functionality and optimization is spot on!

Italio Website

A personal favourite place to go, Barque is a BBQ lovers dream destination. Their site is playful and informative with an engaging video on the home page.

Barque Website

The French Laundry
You get the automatic feel for the intimate dining experience and quality of not only the food but the experience of the chef. Simple yet complex with good taste.

French Laundry Website

Another whimsical site with some great scrolling effects. The punchy orange and rustic illustration just screams fun! And the fonts are much suitable.

Bel 50 Website

Vins Saint Aubin
Although this is a site on wine, I absolutely love this site for it’s greatness in the parallax effect. Marvellously modern photography and seems to tell a great story (sadly, I do not know French very well) but most of their client base is clearly Francophones.

Saint Aubin Website

Baked NYC
I love the use of a grid which easily translates to a mobile friendly site. Great photography and modern use of type.

Baked Website

Poogans Porch
Quaint, as it seems to come off as. It gives a summer home feel with a focus on beautiful photography and a wonderful story. Tea anyone?

Poogans Portch

Estado Puro
Ok, this one I had to add, who doesn’t love a huge chicken flocking around in the background. This shows humour which works for fine dining spanish tapas restaurant.

Estado Puros Website

Personal site of restaurant owner Jean Georges
His website offers a collage feel letting you choose to explore more by scrolling over the images. Beautiful and classic.

JeanGeorges Website

I love the use of white type on a dark areas of the image and really shows the essence of the environment with the huge picture of the restaurant in the background.

Caravan Website

Gene’s Sausage Shop
It is a classic site. And although there are so many fonts, it does truly give the sense of a meat shop. Well done. With great images and very informative this site makes you want to go to the market!

Gene's Sausage Shop Website

This is Leaf
A tea shop using the grid system really well (you can thank Pinterest for this). The site has a well presented abundance of information neatly stacked and ready for your attention. Simplicity at it’s finest.

This Is Leaf Website

Noma – Concept Site
Last but not least this concept site for noma. It is stunning and wonderfully executed! To be honest, I am not necessarily a fan of the complete simplicity of the current noma website — although they were voted the top restaurant in the world (how many years in a row?), not that they need any more coverage.

Noma Concept Site


Although creativity is subjective, the key to having a successful website really comes down to its functionality. From displaying the story of your restaurant or the menu itself; if people can’t see that on their cell phones you might as well not have a website at all.

Where do you begin? Start by writing a list of you objectives for your website. Then one by one work your way through the list, finding solutions to each of the areas you may not be achieving with your current site.

Objectives can also vary depending on the business model and what you offer. For example the tea shop website would be much different than the independently owned restaurant website.

Communicate what you do and make that clear. You can achieve this by displaying a key statement that encompasses your business – generally placed on the main page. Or you can also accomplish this through photography (a common execution) which gets the point across that the food is what you do.

Lastly, make sure you know what your customer wants. So making the menu well accessible from the home page and having a mobile friendly site are definitely prime focuses. A lot of websites seem to have a downloadable pdf of their menu. Which is alright, it just adds an extra step for the customer, not to mention data on their phone. A better route would be to have it coded into your website, and if your website is a WordPress based, it will make it easily editable.

Producing a great website doesn’t mean complex. Make it simple & easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Hmmm this is making me hungry!

Thanks for reading.

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